March Maintenance Tips

Posted on Mar 25, 2019 in House Tips

Check out the handy check list below for your March Tips.  

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Posted on Mar 25, 2019 in House Tips

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating quite yet - spring is on the way! Cheering up your home with some spring decor is the perfect way to prepare for warmer days and more sunshine. Here are some options to prepare your home for the next season!


While they may not last outdoors with the sporadic weather of spring, bringing potted h...

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Habits Of A Tidy Homeowner

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 in House Tips

We all have that friend whose home seems to be spotless, no matter the time of day. You could swing by for a morning coffee or stop over for dinner, and it always looks like someone just cleaned. Can you imagine if your house could be like that? Well, it can! Tidy homes are created out of habit. Here are 5 habits of people with tidy homes, so that...

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What Your Carpet Is Hiding From You.

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 in House Tips

How many carpeted rooms in your home appear clean at a glance? Even if you think they all 
look clean, those carpets may not be very sanitary. Spring is here which means if you have snow, it has likely started to melt - exposing dirt and pollen that can now be easily tracked into your house. Carpets trap dust and odors and can attract mold when they...

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Women's Wine Social

Posted on Jan 02, 2019 in Around The Community

In January of 2016 I decided to start a Women's Wine Social event together with my friend and colleague, Jeannie Mongrain. Being a past military family and moving around lots it is sometimes very difficult to connect with others each time you move. This is my opportunity to reach out to all the ladies in the area and "connect the community." My goa...

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Home Buying Myths

Posted on Oct 03, 2018


Although the internet can be a great resource for a variety of information, a lot of that information is incorrect. One of the most important and expensive decisions in your life, home buying, tends to circulate a lot of misinformation. Most of that misinformation is in regards to how much of a down payment you need or what your credit score needs...

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Recent Blog Entries

What You Save By Getting Rid of Excess Stuff Before You Move.

If you’re getting ready to move, whether you are trying to sell your home or you’ve already purchased a new one, one of the first things that tends to cause stress in the process is the fear of packing all of your stuff. Whether you’ve been in your current space for a few months or several years, you’ve probably accumulated plenty of things you use...

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In this DIY-age, it is easy to want to do everything by yourself. Saving money is great, and there are so many things today that we can do on our own after a simple Google search and a Youtube video or two. While sometimes doing it yourself saves you a few dollars, that isn’t always the case when selling your home. 

When looking at it from the outsid...

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Are you thinking about buying a home and just don’t know where to start? Before you even begin looking at homes, consider how much you may need to save to make the process as smooth as possible for you, especially in the long run. While there are situations where you don’t need a large down payment for a home, having one can save you money down the...

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